Shiba Masamune-no Sodona

Karo to the Sodona Family Daimyo


Masamune is stocky, and walks with a slight limp from where he took a would be assassin’s blade years ago. He keeps his head clean shaven – some say unkindly to keep the gray from being visible, and always wears a ‘strap’ to keep his kimono from interfering with his access to his sword. He is immensely proud of his neatly trimmed black goatee.


Masamune is a cousin to the former Family daimyo, who was afforded a position of importance primarily due to his extremely exceptional record of service. He sometimes comes across as abrupt and may be considered rude by the highest samurai standards of etiquette, but he gets the job done, and in the wake of a lost war, effective trumps pretty. He is infamous in foreign courts for checking and re-checking all of the host’s security, and has ruffled more than a few political feathers – which may have also contributed to his assignment to somewhere he will not have much exposure to Clan dignitaries. He is in the fading years of his ‘adulthood’ and some whisper he should have retired years ago – but never where it might get back to him.

Shiba Masamune-no Sodona

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