Tag: Crab Clan


  • Hiruma Nokatsu

    As a young brash warrior, Nokatsu made a mistake that would change his life. During battle, an overconfident mistake caused him to become seriously injured and scared all over his body. Afterwards He amended his ways and trained diligently so his …

  • Kaiu Hachi

    Yasuki Genji's nephew, by his sister, is a huge man with a heart much bigger than his mind. He travels with Genji as a very effective deterrent to any who might take it in mind to attempt to steal from the traveling merchant.

  • Yasuki Gorobei

    Gorobei is Genji's son, by his admittedly homely wife, but Genji is clearly proud of the towering warrior. Gorobei acts exasperated with his dull cousin's antics, but he loves him dearly, and the two are best friends.