Yasuki Genji

A helpful Crab merchant


Genji is a traveling merchant who specializes in trading imports from the Colonies. When Hiruma Nokatsu was arrested for damaged property and traveling with out of date papers, Genji kindly assisted in getting him released. In return, he asked Nokatsu and Shinjo Lily to make a pickup from Yoritomo Ogura.

When Ogura turned up dead, Genji was implicated in his death by Ogura’s brother, Yoritomo Ito. Ito claimed that Genji was trying to purchase a gaijin statue, but there was a disagreement over the value. Ito asserted that when Genji’s attempt to coerce the statue out of Ogura by force with Nokatsu and Lily failed, that the Yasuki hired the ronin to kill Ogura and take the statue.

A thorough search of Genji’s possessions turned up no sign of the missing statue, and he was eventually cleared of any involvement in the death of the Mantis captain.

Genji rewarded the Shinjo and Hiruma for their involvement in the investigation by giving them a crate of the gaijin tea they had picked up from Yoritomo Ogura, worth about 5 koku if they can find a buyer. He further invited the two to join him as guards as he traveled with the goods he had procured in town, toward Crane lands where he hoped to sell them for a profit.


Yasuki Genji

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