Soshi Kaede

Cursed Scorpion Hostage


Rank 1 Isawa Shugenja
Air: 2
Earth: 2
Fire: 4
Water: 2
Strength: 3
Void: 2

Skills: Calligraphy 1, Spellcraft 1, Lore: Theology 1, Lore: Shadowlands 1, Polearms (Nagamaki) 3, Investigation 1

Advantages: Friendly Kami, Elemental Blessing
Disadvantages: Hostage; Yogo Curse; True Love

Initiative: 3k2 Defense: 15
Attack (Nagamaki): 7k4 Damage: 5k3


Kaede’s mother was a Phoenix, and her father was a Soshi. Her father knows full well that Kaede has traces of the Yogo bloodline on both sides of her lineage, and has raised her to be a living time bomb. He has encouraged his daughter to pursue every romantic story and notion she could from the time she was a little girl. As a part of the resolution of the conflict between the Scorpion and the Phoenix, known as the War of the Twins, Kaede was fostered with the Phoenix as a hostage to safeguard against any further aggression between the two Clans. Kaede’s powerful shugenja lineage has come out in full force, and she has proven one of the most promising fire priests of her generation, destined to fall in love – and betray whatever she loves most, likely in an appropriately spectacular fashion.

Kaede has done her best to assimilate her Scorpion heritage and her Phoenix upbringing by finding the one thing that her two clans seem to agree upon: destruction of the Shadowlands. With her powerful fire magic,in a few years she may be one of the most fearsome foes of evil in Rokugan.

Soshi Kaede

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