Shiba Tetsujin-no Sodona

Idealistic/Bookish Phoenix Yojimbo


Air: 2

Earth: 2
Fire: 3

Water: 2
Perception: 3
Void: 2

Initiative: 3k2
Attack: 6k3
Damage: 6k3

Skills: Defense 4; Kenjutsu 3; Meditation (Void Recovery) 1; Kyujutsu 3; Spears 2; Theology 1; Investigation (Notice) 2; Etiquette 1; Iaijutsu 2

Advantages: Balance, Elemental Blessing: Fire; Precise Membory, Sage, Wary
Disadvantages: Cursed of the Realm: Gaki-do; Idealistic; Soft-Hearted

Technique: The Way of the Phoenix – may use 2 Void Points for 2k2. May Guard as a Free Action; target only adds +5 instead of 10.


Tetsujin is the third of four children. His father serves as a Yojimbo to Shiba Nakazo -a doddering family elder who is due to retire any day. Tetsujin’s mother passed away almost 16 years ago at the birth of his sister, who is due to celebrate her gempukku from the Agasha shugenja school in a few months.
Tetsujin’s career has been relatively unremarkable thus far. He has been deemed an ‘adequate’ bushi at best, and his name ‘Philosopher’ was given to him as an intended slight during training. He spent the first year after his graduation doing patrol, before his daimyo approved a pilgrimage to follow the path of Shiba into the Shadowlands.
Some might speculate the Clan was shocked when he returned, and has struggled to find a place for him ever since. For the most part, he stands guard at an Asako Shrine where Shiba family dignitaries frequently visit.

Shiba Tetsujin-no Sodona

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