Shiba Kiyoko-no-Sodona

Tetsujin's younger sister, about to celebrate her gempukku


Kiyoko shares Tetsujin’s green eyes, and her hair is on the light side for a Rokugani, almost brown as opposed to black. She wears her hair in a traditional maiden’s foxtail, and her kimono have the long flowing sleeves that mark an unmarried woman.


Tetsujin’s younger sister is his only living sibling. She is celebrating her Gempukku ceremony at the age of sixteen.

Tetsujin’s memories of her are mostly as a little girl. She always had a fascination with ghosts, and the spirit realms. At night, she would often complain that they were coming for her, and Tetsujin would watch over her while she slept.

Kiyoko was identified early as having the ability to speak to the kami. They used to play ‘shugenja and yojimbo’ as children. Together, they pretended to defeat oni and terrible creatures from the spirit realms.

Shiba Kiyoko-no-Sodona

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