Hiruma Nokatsu

A scarred Crab bushi who is roaming Rokugan to see the other Clans' greatest achievements.


Air: 2
Reflexes: 3

Earth: 3

Fire: 2
Agility: 3

Water: 2

Void: 2

Skills: Athletics 1; Defense 3; Heavy Weapons (Tetsubo) 3; Hunting 1; Intimidation 1; Investigation 2; Kenjutsu 1; Lore: Shadowlands 1

Advantages: Crab Hands, Large, Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Obtuse, Disturbing Countenance

Initiative: 4k1
(Tetsubo) 6k3; Dmg: 6k3
TN to be hit: 20 (30 with Heavy Armor/5 DR)


As a young brash warrior, Nokatsu made a mistake that would change his life. During battle, an overconfident mistake caused him to become seriously injured and scared all over his body. Afterwards He amended his ways and trained diligently so his dishonorable failure never happened again. He wanted to spend some time away from the Wall, soon after peace fell over the land of Rokugan he decided to take the opportunity to explore the great clans and see their greatest achievements.

Hiruma Nokatsu

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