Daidoji Mizue

Cran Clan Courtier


Daidoji Mizue is slight of stature, and a little on the ‘plump’ side for a Rokugani. Her black hair is worn up in a ‘hive’ style, held back by an endless supply of fashionable combs. She wears the most up-to date styles in kimonos. She she is shrewd, no-nonsense negotiator, with a keen mind.


Mizue has a special blessing for commerce, and unlike many samurai she is not afraid to use it to the benefit of her Clan. She travels as a liaison for her lord, seeking out businesses in which to invest as a Merchant Patron. For appearances sake, this often has to be couched as ‘religious pilgrimages’ when traveling in the lands of other Clans, but the local lords benefit in increased tax revenues, so they are happy to go along with the pretense.

Daidoji Mizue

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