Definitions of Honor

The Untimely Death of Yoritomo Ogura

Murder of a Mantis Merchant

Having completed the Festival of Remembrance, Daidoji Mizue,Hiruma Nokatsu,Kakita Hojatsu, Shiba Tetsujin-no Sodona, and Shinjo Lily likewise completed their business in Toshi no Omoidoso. Unfortunately for them the city was not quite done with them.
Following their meeting with Otomo Miharu, Nokatsu and Lily gathered their things and headed for the gates – but before they could get there, they were stopped by a local magistrate, Isawa Kenji at the behest of a merchant. The merchant accused Nokatsu of breaking up his sake stand and injuring another customer while drunk the first night of the festival. To make matters worse, the pair’s travel papers were out of date, having expired at the end of the Festival. Nokatsu was arrested and sentenced to the stockade unless he could find a way to pay fines and remunerations of 17 koku. Shinjo Lily was escorted back to the magistrate’s office to have her papers renewed for one more day allowing her travel out of Phoenix territory.
On the way out of the magistrate’s office, the battle maiden was halted by Yasuki Genji, who volunteered to take care of their ‘little problem’. True to his word, Genji had Nokatsu released within the hour, asking only that the pair stay in town a couple days to help him load up his wares to support the alibi he had provided for them. He requested that they return to the inn where they had been staying until he sent word.
The pair hadn’t been back at the inn long, before a messenger came on Genji’s behalf, asking that the Crab and Unicorn aid his master, by going to a warehouse in the Merchant District to pick up a delivery from Yoritomo Ogura. Indebted to the Crab merchant, the two young samurai dutifully collected the koku to make the purchase and headed where they were directed.
At their destination, they were greeted by three Mantis Clan samurai, playing a game that appeared to involve throwing daggers at one another’s feet. When they offered the koku Genji had given them, the man who identified himself as Yoritomo Ogura laughed at them and told them that the amount was only half of the agreed upon price and refused to give them goods they had come to collect. Feeling that they were being made for fools, Nokatsu and Lily began to draw steel – at which point the Mantis agreed to accept the money ‘as a down payment’ and take up the balance with Genji.
Meanwhile, Mizue asked to take one last chance to take advantage of the city’s hospitality before continuing the pilgrimage. Hojatsu and Testsujin accompanied her on one last tour of the city markets, where she purchased a few trinkets and keepsakes, and then headed to a local bathhouse for a good scrub. During their outing, Tetsujin noticed that they were being shadowed by three Ronin: a tall, thin, heavily scarred man, a one-armed woman, and a squat, powerfully built man in a broad hat. The woman followed Mizue into the bathouse, while the other two waited outside.
That night, everyone was awakened by the out-raged screams of Daidoji Mizue, when she discovered Yoritomo Ogura with another woman. A clearly inebriated Ogura loudly declared that he did not know the other woman or how she had come to be in his bed. An audibly upset Mizue stormed out of the inn. She was followed to the outhouse by Shiba Tetsujin and Shinjo Lily, who kept watch over her while she composed herself. When they returned to their rooms, Kakita Hojatsu, Yoritomo Ogura, and the woman were all missing. Tetsujin and Lily went out to the street to see if they could determine what had become of them, to find Hojatsu returning.
The next morning, as the characters were preparing to leave, they were greeted by Isawa Kenji, who asked them to accompany him to his office for questioning. Once there, they were informed that Yoritomo Ogura had been found dead, and that Daidoji Mizue was being held for collusion in his death. Hojatsu, Tetsujin, Nokatsu, and Lily were each questioned, and ordered to remain at the inn until given further instructions.


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